Emergency Evacuation Videos Save Lives

Too often companies leave emergency evacuation training in the hands of inexperienced staff members. It’s a potential disaster waiting to happen. Let the professionals at Evisuals produce an engaging, five to seven minute evacuation video that will show your building’s occupants the most essential aspects of your building and what to do in an emergency. Production of each video happens in four simple steps:


Initial Brief

In close consultation with the building’s facility manager we’ll discuss current emergency procedures.


Script Sign-off

We write a script and provide storyboards for your approval. We also obtain all necessary permissions for the shoot.


Video Production

A fast and efficient shoot is executed on a pre-arranged day with a minimum of disturbance to on-site activities.


Final Cut Approval

We make sure the facilities’ manager is happy with the final product before delivery.

EVisuals: Who We Are

Headed by professional firefighter Matt Lynch, Evisuals provides high-quality training videos that demonstrate emergency procedures to building occupants in medical and commercial buildings.

The videos are aimed at all building occupants that do not attend fire training, and show the building’s features, emergency procedures and Assembly Areas.
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The Reasons Why We Are The Market Leader


We are the only professional company providing these unique and potentially life-saving training videos.


Our team has over a decade of professional firefighting and fire training experience.


We have the in-house advisers, producers and equipment needed to make engaging, effective high-quality videos.


Several of Australia’s largest medical and commercial establishments already trust Evisuals to help keep their buildings safe.

Free First Consultation

If you’re ready to improve the safety and peace of mind of your building’s occupants, contact us today for a free consultation.

Experience Makes the Difference

Matt Lynch

Managing Director

Matt Lynch’s years of experience as a professional Firefighter, and also as a Fire Trainer, are why EVisuals occupies a unique position in the risk-management industry.


Matt’s first-hand knowledge of how to respond to large fires, hazmat and rescue incidents helps make our emergency evacuation videos the potentially life-saving tools that they are.

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